Who we are

Our Company

We are a public utility company established in 2022 and registered with the Electricity Market for the purpose of selling energy.

About us

Our Operations

Drummond Power SAS ESP’s purpose is the sale of energy, including energy from any source, such as natural gas, photovoltaic energy, and other renewable sources. In order to fulfill its purpose, it buys and sells electricity in the unregulated market.

Regulatory information

Declaration of Compliance with CREG Resolution 80 of 2019

In compliance with article 25 of CREG Resolution 80 of 2019, Drummond Power SAS ESP makes the following declaration available to the public.

Change in Electrical Energy Seller

In accordance with CREG Resolution 156 of 2011, which stipulates the regulations for the provision of electrical energy services to the public, and in compliance with articles 53 and 54, we hereby inform users of the process and requirements for switching sellers.

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